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About Us


Hello, we are Justin & Alexia!

When the pandemic struck, the restaurant we both worked at closed,and left us home with so much more free time than we were ever used to. The only thing that kept us almost in a routine was our love for food and the want to avoid the dreaded Quarantine 15. This paved the way to us really diving in and tweaking our recipes and meal plans. We ate like royalty is an understatement. 

We would often post our food on our Instagram stories and our friends would comment back that we were being unfair. This got us to thinking, our food is so attainable and so much more simple than it looks; let's share it with the world! 

So alas, SmörgåsBoards was born.

Smörgåsboards comes from a Swedish word that refers to a buffet with both hot and cold options. Now it has evolved into a word that encompasses a wide range or variety of something. Since we do not have one distinct cooking style we thought it represented us quite well and we hope to open a business, under this name, showcasing all our food and adding a personal side to our efforts. 

Things We Are Aspiring To Do

Launch 2 Cookbooks

There are two types of food in our lives; Healthy delicious and indulgent delicious. We want to encompass both of these genres, if you will, each in a separate cookbook! One go to for those weekly meals you feel good about eating and one for those weekend meals you feel  good about craving. 

Open a Catering Business

We love inventing menus, experimenting and working with others to make special memories for them. We strive to one day have a catering business that is completely customizable to each client, without any reset menus or cookie cutter options. 

Own a Restaurant Group

Restaurants are so important to our society. They are where you go to get away, celebrate and connect. We want to create these spaces for people, not only as guests, but for young restauranteurs with big dreams to be realized. Restaurants are on the cusp of being revolutionized and we want to be at the forefront of that. 

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