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  • What are each of your backgrounds?
    I (Alexia) am the ultimate Greek stereotype, I grew up around food and in my dad's restaurant and fell in love with the industry. I studied Hospitality in Switzerland and then was a Restaurant & Bar Manager pre-pandemic. Justin discovered his love for food later on in life, probably around a table in China Town with his friends trying to get the very last bits of a pork bun off of its wrapper. He pursued a culinary degree and has worked at a myriad of restaurants. His love and passion is rooted in asian food, primarily Japanese Cuisine. Pre-pandemic he was a Sous Chef at a upsclae restaurant.
  • How did you meet?
    When I (Alexia) started my first managerial job, Justin was employed as a cook in one of the restaurants I was managing. To say it was love at first sight is very cliche, but truly it was as close as it gets. We became very good friends easily and quickly and it evolved from there and now we are engaged!
  • Do you eat the food you make?
    All the "meal plan" recipes that are posted are actually part of our weekly meal plans. In order to stay healthy we dedicate one day a week to trying out and photographing our indulgent recipes and use this as our cheat meal. If it is a lot of food we invite our family and friends to help us out with it. Often we are prepping these meals throughout the week to be able to focus on execution the day of the cheat meal days.
  • How do you create your meal plans?
    All our meal plans are inputed into MyFitnessPal. Since I (Alexia) am not working right now other than cleaning up or chasing our puppy around the apartment I am rather sedentary in my activity. My goal is to lose weight right now and my at home workouts reflect that, so I am eating 1,250 calories a day. Please note this is very low but it is reflective of my activity level, as soon as I am back to moving more this intake will increase. Justin's intake is calculated in the same way because he too has been sedentary during this pandemic. His intake is roughly 1,700 calories. Our macro nutirents fall between the following range: Carbs 35-40%, Protein 30-35%, Fat 25-30% and we eat 4 meals a day! If you have any more questions please do not hesiatte to contact us!
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