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Cauliflower Steak with Oil-free Chimichurri

Crispy, savory and umami filled cauliflower steaks with a garlic and acid packed chimichurri. With all that, who needs the meat?


At my old job there was a dish i loved, which was cauliflower steak laid on top of yummy hummus and topped with chimichurri. At first I was like, eh thats just cauliflower - I mean sure it is a fantastic vegetable but you can't slice it and call it a steak people.

And I won't lie to you I wasn't completely wrong - it is not a steak. However, the flavor they packed into it and the amazing crispiness it had from being baked off was just mouthwatering good. I found myself craving it often and man oh man was I happy when I could order some.

This recipe is lightened up to fit in with a meal plan. We actually ate it along side some pork loin and roasted fingerling potatoes and I looked forward to it everyday. So much flavor! The chimichurri is everything you love from that sauce: the herbs, the garlic and the acid - but no fat! You are more than welcome to add olive oil to it if you'd like, there is nothing wrong with that, it just didn't fit into our plan and I wanted to play around with an oil-free version.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!


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