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Spinach, Feta & Herb - Egg-white Frittata

Spanakopita is one of the most brilliant dishes to come out of the greek cuisine (in my opinion) and whenever I get the chance I attempt to incorporate the flavors into my dishes. Spinach, spring onion, herbs and feta -mmmmm! So here is a little play on it in an egg-white frittata that is simply scrumptious.

Frittatas are wonderful because they last well in the fridge, so you can make it in a batch. Plus you don't have to worry about flipping your omelette and turning it into scrambled eggs instead (guilty!).

This is a wonderful meal because it is absolutely packed with protein. It'll either be a great morning boost to get you on track or fuel for your healing muscles after your killer workout. My major trick with this recipe is -now don't freak out okay?- Cottage Cheese! Now before you exit out of this recipe and swear my blog off for forever stick with me for a little bit.

(P.S say hello to our little kirby who sneaked onto our set, he loved the frittata)

I use to despise cottage cheese; the flavor, the texture, nu uh - not for me. But when you mix it with the eggs in this recipe it mimics the texture of the feta and absorbs that flavor making the frittata so much cheesier in a healthy way. The cottage cheese allows you to use less of that wonderful full fat feta while not compromising on the flavor.

I promise you it's great, just try it first then let us know below how you liked it!


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