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Winter Citrus Salad

Sometimes food looks so incredibly beautiful and then the taste is just eh--

This isn't one of those times, this salad is the epitome of celebrating good wholesome and seasonal fruit at their prime. A mixture of grapefruit, blood orange, navel orange and lemon with olive oil, black pepper and mint is a flavor explosion. Serve alongside a grilled protein for a light dinner or eat as a sweet/savory fruit salad.

Other than the holidays I am not a big fan of winter, its cold and I miss the sun. Not to mention I become white as a sheet-I need my sunshine! But what gets me through it is the fact that its Citrus Season! I adore citrus fruit, its like nature's sour patch kids.

While making a meal plan I was trying to find different ways to incorporate citrus without it being just a side of plain fruit; I wanted it to be celebrated. When I worked in Brussels the hotel's chef would make this beautiful Sea Bass Ceviche that he would lay over different colored citrus and it was just mesimirizingly pretty. Although Sea Bass is my favorite fish it wasn't feasible to make it in a meal plan because: 1. it wouldn't hold well in the fridge 2. it is not cost effective and hello! Im 25 and on a budget!!

Instead I made this wonderful citrus salad and served it on the side of some grilled chicken that I simply seasoned with some salt and pepper and finished off with some of the run off juices from cutting up the citrus (no waste!)

"A mixture of grapefruit, blood orange, navel orange and lemon with olive oil, black pepper and mint is a flavor explosion

One key to this salad came from a technique I learned from an online cooking class where we made sauce vierge. The chef had us segment a lemon, then cut it up really fine for the sauce. This added more flavor than simply squeezing the lemon would, it added a tartness to the whole dish and little bursts of sweet acid. I did the same thing for this salad and that way when you're eating it you don't get big pieces of lemon but instead little ones throughout eating your dish and its so lovely.

So! Without further a do here is this very simple but impressive recipe, make it, eat it all yourself or share it with your friends! Just don't forget to comment below and let us know how you like it!


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